Cappy Pulpy with really juicy pulp

Cappy Pulpy is a juice drink with a high quantity of fruit juice and fruit pulp chunks introduced in the Albanian market by The Coca-Cola Company in 2014. Cappy Pulpy comes in two different flavors: Orange and Tropical, as well as in two different sizes: 0.33L and 1L bottles. 
The agency was tasked with a very important assignment: the launch of a campaign to build brand awareness and to obviously engage potential clients.
POS materials as well as BTL activations were the primary focus to be followed by the agency. For approximately one month, the agency provided public samplings activities in order to build brand anticipation and give customers the opportunity to try the product.
Potential customers were given free samples of Cappy Pulpy during the rush hours of the day to experience the refreshment and joy of the pulp that was served cool in four major cities of Albania: Tirana, Vlorë, Shkodër and Durrës. The participation was obviously massive and customers expressed their delight and also a very positive feedback regarding the product.
ATL communication was also part of the campaign, in the framework of which a quite successful campaign took place in the form of a 30 second TV spot that was launched during July 2014 in the main media of the country.